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Welcome to IMvisible!

IMvisible is one of the oldest invisible Yahoo detector but a very stable and accurate. Our servers are capable to host you and all your friends who are eager to see if their buddies are online and invisible, or offline in Yahoo Messenger. Through a simple check you can have the insurance that your friends are not hiding from you in your favorite Yahoo Messenger application.

Feel free to compare our service and you will be surprised that we really are the fastest and most reliable invisible scanner on the market.

We improve our technology by constantly upgrading our server settings and hosting providers to give you the fastest Yahoo Messenger invisible detector.

Our programming is absolutely failsafe, through our unique Ajax environment and MySQL database searches. For Webmasters we have prepared a Status Indicator Webmaster Tool which you can use for free to allow your visitors to contact you directly from your site/shop/blog through Yahoo Messenger. For webmasters we have a free affiliate program so that anyone can make its own Yahoo Invisible Scanner, Hi5 Finder or Facebook Detector