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Welcome to our Backup/Export Yahoo buddy list free tool

This service CANNOT be used neither as a password hacker for Yahoo Messenger NOR is it a program that can crack password for Yahoo Messenger. Those who thought so were totally wrong and they are looking in the wrong place.

A lot of Internet users came across sites that perfectly resembled the Yahoo Mail page and many are those who do not check the address bar to ensure that their personal data is completed on Yahoo. Once they filled in their ID and password on these immorally made pages, their sign-in data were sent to some malevolent people whose only interested were to steal their buddy list, change their passwords etc. Thus those who were not attentive soon realized that they could not access their email account or their Yahoo ID was no longer valid. The mail contacts and IDs of their friends, which were saved into the account, were lost forever.

Unfortunately Yahoo does not offer any kind of tool for backup/export Yahoo Messenger (ID) buddy list or any possibility for you to recover your data.

IMvisible offers you an excellent solution for this issue.

Now you can export your Yahoo! Messenger (IDs) buddy list and mail contacts right from your Yahoo account. If, by any chance your account is stolen or gets hacked, you can access IMvisible and with your old password you can get your IDs and mail contacts you had at the time you made the backup.